Invest in Cuba's Future
with Confidence.

Why Invest with QBA Credit?

At QBA Credit, we offer unique investment opportunities to diversify your portfolio and contribute to the development of the Cuban economy.

High-Yield Returns
Our investment products provide competitive returns, allowing you to maximize your investment potential.
Diversified Portfolio
Diversify your investment portfolio with our range of financial products, including equipment leasing, trade finance, and receivables finance.
Stable Returns
Benefit from stable returns by investing in Cuba's growing SME sector, supported by QBA Credit's rigorous risk assessment and mitigation strategies.
Transparent and Secure
We prioritize transparency and security, ensuring that your investments are backed by tangible assets and robust financial mechanisms.

How It Works for Investors

Benefit from stable returns by investing in Cuba’s growing SME sector, supported by QBA Credit’s rigorous risk assessment and mitigation strategies

  • Explore Investment Opportunities

    Browse through our investment pools and choose the ones that align with your investment goals and risk appetite.

  • Submit Your Investment Preferences

    Complete the onboarding proccess including KYC/AML, determine the size of your investment and fund your Tropipay wallet *

  • Review Investment Proposal

    Receive a detailed investment proposal outlining the terms, expected returns, and risk assessment for your chosen investment product.

  • Invest with Confidence

    Once your have contibuted your participation on the pool, our team of experts suppeorted by our technology stack will manage the asstes giving you the confidence of a safe investment

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